Contest : Tropicana Twister


Korang nak menang BMW 320i...jom sertai peraduan ini...
Wahh cam dalam iklan la pulak...

Get ready to win fantastic prizes including a Grand Prize of a BMW 320i.

Here's how you can take part in this contest:

1) Purchase any Tropicana Twister products (2 x 1.5L or 4 x 355ml).

2) Answer four simple questions in the contest form.

3) Fill in your details, attach the product labels and send in your entry to the designated address.

Winners will be randomly selected by the organisers.

The amazing prizes on offer: 

Grand Prize: 1 x BMW 320i

First Prize: 10 x LED TV + Home Theater System

Second Prize: 20 x Laptop

Third Prize: 30 x DSLR Camera

Special Prize: 40 x Tablet Computer

Consolation Prize: 50 x RM500 cash

Weekly Prize: 12 x Gold Coin worth RM5,000

For further information, refer to the contest form.

Contest period: 9 May - 21 July 2011


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